Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand

Jewelry can be a gift to give to a loved one or for an acquaintance or just for yourself because of its enormous markets. More than that many cultures all around the world us jewelry as a symbol of prosperity wealth and success, and as an indication of individual fashion, so there is opportunity to success in jewelry business.

Buying wholesale fashion jewelry and reselling them at retail price is a proven successful business plan. If you have sense to know what people will buy, you can run a successful online jewelry business with only small investment budget. To get start in jewelry business, selling fashion or costume jewelry is the simplest way due to the price that fashion jewelry is a lot cheaper than designer jewelry. To get start an online business as a retailers, you need to find venders or suppliers to buy products from, but where are they? Everybody in jewelry business all knows that Thailand is famous for inexpensive fashion jewelry. In fact, most of local jewelers find wholesale silver jewelry in Thailand and then resells them to the consumers. Some even fly to Thailand to find jewelry suppliers or manufacturers. But if you don’t want to go abroad to, you can just search and contact suppliers in Thailand.

However, be careful that you are dealing with trustable suppliers who can handle your order. It would be better if your contact with wholesalers who also manufactures. Most of manufacturers of jewelry products sell directly to stores that will in turn sell at retail prices to consumers, so they are only interested in selling business to business.

Not only the price that you have to consider but a very good customer service too. Jewelry wholesale suppliers who won’t answer emails or return can your business much more difficult. Make sure that your supplier takes customer service seriously.

For online fashion jewelry wholesalers, do search for them on the website which can let you know if the site has had any complaints about. If the complaints are all about the quality of their merchandise, this is signal that they are not supplier you should work with.
Jewelry wholesalers in Thailand have a large range of items and this will also help you to marketing fashion jewelry as you can have a wide range of products to sell. If you are not very experienced in the fashion business, you may not be familiar with seasonal fashion jewelry trends. A skilled wholesale jewelry supplier can help and offer items that show the most up-to-date trends in fashion jewelry design.