How to Get a Thai Education Visa

There are a lot of opportunities to to visitors include foreigners to work in thailand and other contries in Asia. It is not a surprise then that there are tourists who want to stay longer than what is required of their regular visa.

People aspiring to set up a business or enroll in a Thai language program or any course in a government or private educational institution will need more than a month of stay in the country. For this reason, it is a good idea to apply for a student or education visa that allows one to stay for a year up to 15 months.

Applying for a Thai language or university course is the first important step to take. There are many Thai language schools in place all over the country that offer affordable programs. Normally, classes only take four hours every day. In addition to learning Thai, you may even opt to enroll in Muay Thai, massage therapy and other university courses.

Make sure you write a letter to the school of your choice and submit an application form if there’s one available. You also need to submit the other required documents along with it.

You should receive a letter of admission after a few weeks. This must be printed using the school’s letterhead and must state the classes you’re going to take as well as the start date. In case you receive only an email, send another letter requesting for a hard copy of the admission letter or call the school to request for it at the same time informing them that it is required by the Thai Immigration.

Once you have the school’s letter, it’s time to apply for an education visa at any Thai embassy or consulate. Get the appropriate visa application form, fill it out and mail it together with the photocopy of your passport, your original passport and four passport sized photos. You may also hand-carry the documents and submit it to a Thai embassy near your place. Be patient as it can take a few days to a week or more before you can receive your education visa.

Do remember that a student visa is valid for up to 90 days only. However, you can always apply for an extension when you arrive in Thailand. The process is fairly easy. It is very important that you apply for an extension of your student visa early on so you won’t have to worry about it later.

To do this, just bring your school registration letter and tuition receipt to the Immigration Office in Thailand and apply for an extension for a year. Depending on the volume of applications they receive, you can wait for the approval of your request or you will have to go back after a few days.

Finally, do attend your classes regularly because any long absence will be reported immediately to the immigration office. So make the most of your stay in Thailand and always follow the rules while you’re there.