In December 2013, Ink & Lion Café opened their doors in the neighbourhood of Ekkamai soi 2, Sukhumvit Road. The whole neighbourhood of Ekkamai has during the recent years seen a turnover of this neighbourhood, like new cool vintage stores, both furnitures and fashion, cafés and coffee roasters.

Ekkamai and Thong Lor are sure-fire destinations for good coffee in Bangkok these days, proving that there really is a strong market for high quality coffee in Bangkok and indeed Asia. One of the most recent additions to this coffee neighborhood is Ink & Lion Cafe, a cute coffee-centric shop serving good quality coffee sourced from local experts.

Set meters from Ekkamai behind Purty Nelly’s Irish Pub, Ink and Lion Cafe has a modern interior that will be familiar to Bangkok’s coffee lovers: white paint, minimalist decor, lots of bare wood. If Roots feels like Bangkok’s Coffee Lab, then Ink & Lion is the Coffee School: the owners have put their own spin on the decor with furniture that would be at home in an Elementary School. It’s quite cute and fun. The chilled atmosphere is helped along by an eclectic mix of vintage vinyl spun by the owner.

INK & LION Cafe-1

Coffee is sourced from Pacamara, Brave and Ceresia, and served in a range of formats: hot and cold espresso coffee in a range of styles, as well as pour-over drip coffee. Single Origin beans are on offer for the drip coffee, as well as a custom-designed “Four Mountain” espresso blend roasted especially for Ink and Lion by the folks over at Pacamara. I tried the latter as an espresso and was pleasantly surprised. Lovers of Roast’s Journey Blend will enjoy this bold combination of Ethiopian, Basilian, Indonesian and Thai Arabica beans. The palate has a sour acidity that dominates – perhaps slightly strong for some – with plenty of complexity to savour on the long finish. For those who like a lighter flavour the drip coffee will certainly impress.

The owner opened Ink & Lion Cafe only two months ago, so it’s certainly a youngster in the Bangkok coffee scene! But clearly a love of good coffee is the core value here, making it a must try destination! A selection of cakes is available, as well as some interesting non-coffee beverages and free WiFi.

When you’re in Ekkamai next time, do stop by for a coffee and cake!

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand offers you the most value of money for its cheap price, but relatively of high quality. There is a large array of products to choose from, but the most popular ones are Thai exquisite handicrafts which can be found in various places in tourists areas throughout the country.


Fashion boutiques are found in every shopping mall, while cheaper clothing such as T-shirts and jeans are available at bargain prices from street vendors. Custom tailoring is also very affordable and tailors can produce or copy most styles in just a few days.


Probably the most famous of all kingdom’s handicrafts, silk is available in a range of colours, patterns and is sold by the yard, or as ready-made clothing and souvenir items.

Cotton & Batik

Thai cottons have become increasingly popular and are a good deal. Particularly notable are the  cottons woven by the tribal people of the North, typically displaying bold designs and often lavish embroidery.


Bangkok is the coloured gemstone capital of the world. Rubies and sapphires are indigenous stones, but virtually all coloured gems, as well as diamonds, are available. Shoppers should exercise caution and buy from reputable dealers only.


Practiced in the South for hundreds of years, nielloware is the craft of decorating gold and silver objects with delicate etched designs filled with a metal ware. Nielloware trays, boxes, vases and other items are  best buys.


A specialty of Chiang-Mai and the north, this craft involves coating split bamboo or wood with lacquer, then adding intricate hand-painted designs typically gold-on-black lacquer or yellow and green on a red brown background. Look out for lacquerware bowls, boxes, trays and other items for decoration or for souvenirs


Rattan and rosewood furniture items are available in many designs and styles and can also be made to order. Shops in Bangkok and Chiang Mai have a wide selection and can arrange shipment overseas.

Fixed prices are the norm in department stores and a number of shops in Bangkok, but at most other places bargaining is acceptable and expected. Generally, shopping in Thailand is easy, fun and very rewarding.

Chiang Mai Trekking at Maewang Valley

Chiang Mai trekking one day private tour in the beautiful jungle of Maewang valley, Southwest of Chiang Mai. Elephant ridding in the green valley, forest trail, and across the Mae Wang river, trekking from The White Karen hill tribe village to waterfall, Thai set lunch, and bamboo rafting.

The beautiful day begins with your delicious breakfast at the hotel and then we take your party to Southwest of Chiang Mai area about 1 hour. Upon arrival, we will start the great day tour with elephant riding for 1 hour in the mountain trail and go through great landscape of Mae Wang valley. Yes ! of course you will also participate wonderful experience riding elephant across the river as same as Suv 4wd car.

Then, we continue to The White Karen hill tribe village, explore the hill tribe settlement and start trekking through the beautiful jungle, (it takes about 30 minutes) and walk over an exciting hill tribe bamboo bridge, walking along the rice paddy fields and green forest until we reach Mae Wang waterfall, then time is yours! You can swim or take a nap on the big rock and hearing the sound of waterfall as same as the sound of music.

Next, we trek back to the White Karen hill tribe village on a small cascading trail about 35 minutes, then we drive to the Shan village for a Thai luncheon. In the afternoon, we will enjoy and relax with a traditional bamboo rafting along Mae Wang river, during your rafting and fun experience, you will also admire the beautiful rice paddy fields, litchi farms, green mountain and of course some time you will be under the shade of big tees, it is so cool indeed ! So sad fun time is over we need to get back to Chiang Mai and transfer to your hotel by late afternoon.

How to Get a Thai Education Visa

There are a lot of opportunities to to visitors include foreigners to work in thailand and other contries in Asia. It is not a surprise then that there are tourists who want to stay longer than what is required of their regular visa.

People aspiring to set up a business or enroll in a Thai language program or any course in a government or private educational institution will need more than a month of stay in the country. For this reason, it is a good idea to apply for a student or education visa that allows one to stay for a year up to 15 months.

Applying for a Thai language or university course is the first important step to take. There are many Thai language schools in place all over the country that offer affordable programs. Normally, classes only take four hours every day. In addition to learning Thai, you may even opt to enroll in Muay Thai, massage therapy and other university courses.

Make sure you write a letter to the school of your choice and submit an application form if there’s one available. You also need to submit the other required documents along with it.

You should receive a letter of admission after a few weeks. This must be printed using the school’s letterhead and must state the classes you’re going to take as well as the start date. In case you receive only an email, send another letter requesting for a hard copy of the admission letter or call the school to request for it at the same time informing them that it is required by the Thai Immigration.

Once you have the school’s letter, it’s time to apply for an education visa at any Thai embassy or consulate. Get the appropriate visa application form, fill it out and mail it together with the photocopy of your passport, your original passport and four passport sized photos. You may also hand-carry the documents and submit it to a Thai embassy near your place. Be patient as it can take a few days to a week or more before you can receive your education visa.

Do remember that a student visa is valid for up to 90 days only. However, you can always apply for an extension when you arrive in Thailand. The process is fairly easy. It is very important that you apply for an extension of your student visa early on so you won’t have to worry about it later.

To do this, just bring your school registration letter and tuition receipt to the Immigration Office in Thailand and apply for an extension for a year. Depending on the volume of applications they receive, you can wait for the approval of your request or you will have to go back after a few days.

Finally, do attend your classes regularly because any long absence will be reported immediately to the immigration office. So make the most of your stay in Thailand and always follow the rules while you’re there.

Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand

Jewelry can be a gift to give to a loved one or for an acquaintance or just for yourself because of its enormous markets. More than that many cultures all around the world us jewelry as a symbol of prosperity wealth and success, and as an indication of individual fashion, so there is opportunity to success in jewelry business.

Buying wholesale fashion jewelry and reselling them at retail price is a proven successful business plan. If you have sense to know what people will buy, you can run a successful online jewelry business with only small investment budget. To get start in jewelry business, selling fashion or costume jewelry is the simplest way due to the price that fashion jewelry is a lot cheaper than designer jewelry. To get start an online business as a retailers, you need to find venders or suppliers to buy products from, but where are they? Everybody in jewelry business all knows that Thailand is famous for inexpensive fashion jewelry. In fact, most of local jewelers find wholesale silver jewelry in Thailand and then resells them to the consumers. Some even fly to Thailand to find jewelry suppliers or manufacturers. But if you don’t want to go abroad to, you can just search and contact suppliers in Thailand.

However, be careful that you are dealing with trustable suppliers who can handle your order. It would be better if your contact with wholesalers who also manufactures. Most of manufacturers of jewelry products sell directly to stores that will in turn sell at retail prices to consumers, so they are only interested in selling business to business.

Not only the price that you have to consider but a very good customer service too. Jewelry wholesale suppliers who won’t answer emails or return can your business much more difficult. Make sure that your supplier takes customer service seriously.

For online fashion jewelry wholesalers, do search for them on the website which can let you know if the site has had any complaints about. If the complaints are all about the quality of their merchandise, this is signal that they are not supplier you should work with.
Jewelry wholesalers in Thailand have a large range of items and this will also help you to marketing fashion jewelry as you can have a wide range of products to sell. If you are not very experienced in the fashion business, you may not be familiar with seasonal fashion jewelry trends. A skilled wholesale jewelry supplier can help and offer items that show the most up-to-date trends in fashion jewelry design.